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HH1 Campus. This is our main campus, which we call HH1 (Hope House One). We have two other campuses HH2 and HH3. One to the north and one to the south as we try to reach as many children in the area as we can.

It all began with a mission trip.

Hope House Orphan Care (HHOC) was founded in November 2005 byJim and Janelle Hamilton with New Beginnings Church in Shawnee, OK support and encouragement. The needs in Malawi were so great that trying to help seemed impossible. The rains were so low in 2005 that a drought caused a famine across the country. This famine and the faces of the many children could not be erased from the minds of those that had been there on a two week mission trip in August. We believe God wanted us to go back to feed one meal a day to a few orphans. The Hope House began feeding 51 children; however that number grew rapidly the next few months.


 The Hope House was feeding over 100 children by June 2006 when Grace Missionary Society, also members of New Beginnings Church helped buy a house. This is when a large garden was planted, providing vegetables for the children. The children began showing such improvement with the one meal a day; that the local hospital sent children to eat that were so malnourished or infected with HIV that needed more food than was available at the caregiver’s homes.


In May 2007, an additional feeding center was started in a village, Kafumphe about 12 miles away from the original Hope House in Dowa,making now 2 Hope House feeding centers. Hope House Orphan Care Foundation became a 501-3c nonprofit organization in 2007.  Hope House 3 opened in July 2010 with 51 children, the orphan care has grown to feeding over 330 vulnerable children daily at the three locations.


What is provided for the children?

We furnish school uniforms, pencils, paper and tuition for some secondary students. We have provided clothes, shoes, blankets, soap, and small gifts for the children in the past years.  Bible stories and songs are taught everyday. Trades of sewing and gardening began in 2007. We desire to introduce more technical type training to help the children when they must live on their own someday.


How do we provide?

The support of the Hope House has been through sponsors giving $20 monthly or donations of any amount throughout the year. Please visit the Sponsor a Child page for more information on how you can partner with us.

We have many other areas outside of sponsorship where you can get involved.

Austin Kamange

Program Manager

Malawi Team

We are so blessed to have a strong leadership team onsite in Malawi. Together with an amazing staff they are the ones that help run the ministry 365 days a year.


 Austin manages all three HH centers. As well as oversees 25 employees, 300+ children, the garden, maintenance of vehicles and motorcycles, the mission house and all offices.  Monica oversees the elderly and infant programs and helps Austin in various capacities.



Where is Malawi in Africa?

Malawi is in the central southeast part of Africa and is in the top five poorest countries in the world  2018). The longevity of life in Malawi averages 50 yrs old due to malaria, typhoid, TB, cholera, and the pandemic of AIDS.
The average annual income is $278 a year with many having no income and surviving only on what they can grow each year. The country only gets rain a few months out of the year causing a very short growing time. It is estimated that there are around 1 million vulnerable or orphan children.

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