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Areas of Ministry


Feed the Children

Feeding the children has always and will be our number 1 priority. With three centers around Dowa, Malawi, we currently feed 337 orphans or volunerable children. We don't stop at just providing a nutritious meal. Our children receive clothing twice a year, shoes once a year (depending on funding), assistance with school tuition and supplies and even onsite tutoring is available. These children are the future of Malawi and we are so thankful to make a difference in their lives.


Infant Program

We provide formula to mothers that might not be able to nurse or guardians caring for the infant where the biological

mother has left or deceased. Often infants in this situation

will not survive as the cost of formula is financially out of reach for these mothers or guardians. The picture below is a baby joining the infant formula program. The mother died shortly after delivering the baby and now being cared for by her grandmother.



Ederly Care

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and with no government subsidized assistance for the elderly, they are on their own to survive. HH Elderly Care program currently has 11 men and women that receive food and supplies. This is Hope House Oprphan Cares latest initiative and  we are excited to continue to grow this area of ministry, but need your help. Become a partner with us today!



In Malawi, many of the villages are several miles from a running stream or available water well. Men, women and children will have to walk to and from available water sources to bath, wash clothes or  just fill pots with drinking water. HHOC has built several water wells closer to the villages, not only to reduce travel time, but provide more sources of water for Dowa region.

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